1 in 4 Londoners Knowingly Risk Illegal Minicabs

ubiCabs survey into the habits of Londoners when it comes to illegal minicabs revealed some concerning truths. Such was the concern, in fact, that we had to create a Christmassy infographic to soften the blow.

Anyway, research carried out for ubiCabs by YouGov this year shows that almost 1 in 4 Londoners (a mighty 24%) have knowingly taken illegal minicabs. That means they’ve hopped in illegal minicabs that weren’t pre-booked, or that weren’t even cabs. Not only does this mean that their driver may not be registered, or even a decent human being, it also means that their journey is uninsured. The risks are enormous, so who’s doing it and why?

That’s where this infographic comes in…

illegal minicabs infographic

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