5 Ways to Beat Olympic Transport Blues with ubiCabs

It’s trending on twitter and we’re all quaking in our boots, because it’s not immediately clear how we’re all going to get to work when the greatest show on Earth gives TFL a kicking. Sigh no more though, for we’ve a top 5 ways to stay one step ahead of the throng.

1. Bring back the horse. Like weaving, pickling and homebrew, this forgotten skill has the potential to get you out of a jam. Grab yourself a steed and ride it down the bus lane. If Addison Lee can, why not you?

Whoa boy! I'm slopping my starbucks.

2. Spacehopper. Less an alternative mode of transport than a form of protest. A million people on spacehoppers won’t get to work on time, but they’ll send out some sort of message to someone, somewhere. Pro-games, anti-games, whichever, just Sharpie your slogan on the back and bounce your way into the public consciousness.

3. The Massive Sickie. I know we were saving it for when England reached a major football final, but let’s get real and call that sick day in now instead. Two weeks should do it, so you’ll need to come up with an excuse that will put you out of action for that long. Think on.

4. Giant Misdirection. Like an enormous piece of street magic, we erect a massive sign outside all inbound transport hubs informing Olympic travellers that the Games have been moved to Much Wenlock. Hey presto, the problem disappears, to Shropshire.

5. Think ahead and ubiCab it. Assuming you’ve knocked back the earlier suggestions for (we assume) spurious, nit-picking reasons, you could always download the ubiCabs app or book online. Book in advance and stay ahead of the rush every day. What price private, reliable transport during those two weeks of crazy? Actually, thanks to our price comparison, not that much.

Book online at ubicabs.com or download the I-Phone or Android app straight to your smartphone.

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