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There’s no doubt about it- London is a great city for both residents and tourists. There’s always so much going on, so much to do, so many ways to get there… that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Because we love London and we want all of you to get as much out of it as we do, we thought we’d feature some of the other apps out there for enriching and easing the lives of Londoners. Cheers to London (and to clever app developers)!

If you know of any other great London apps, please share them in the comments!

Apps for When You’re Feeling Social but Planning-Averse


For iphone and android

After recognizing both your location and the direction you’re facing, this app shows you the nearest cafes, restaurants, bars and cinemas. Great for when you’re already out and can’t decide what to do next. At the very least, it will help you wander off in a more promising direction.


iphone only

A serious rival to TimeOut London, Spoonfed uses your location as a reference and shows all the events in your surrounding area for the chosen day. The events show up as blips on the radar dial, and when clicked, information on the location, time, cost, distance, and details on what to expect. Spur-of-the-moment plans, here we come.

Just Plain Useful Apps


iPhone and Android

Uses your position to show you… well, what’s around you. Categories include banks, bars, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, movie theatres, ATMs, restaurants, supermarkets, and more. Clicking on a category shows you a list of the nearby businesses, and their distances from your current location.

Free WiFi London

iPhone only

Easiest way to find free WiFi on the go- and not just for London! Locations are sorted by location type (i.e. café, pub, coffee shop)


Quirky London App

iPhone only

Authored by Helen Ochyra, a freelance travel writer/editor who knows London like the back of her hand, this app informs you of all London’s greatest spots- the ones that aren’t flooded by tourists or tourist traps. If you’re looking for a good time but need a change from the usual, you need to try this one!

London Philharmonic Orchestra App

For iPhone and Android

Allows you to browse upcoming concerts and get tickets on the go. Tickets are also quite affordable (even for students), so there’s no reason not to try a night at the orchestra! You can also listen to podcasts of past concerts and catch up on what’s new on the London Phil blog.

Free London

iPhone only

Lists things to do in London. For free. From museums and gallaries to markets, walking tours and various events. Each listing includes all the info you need to plan your time! Not just for tourists, this app good for Londoners that are looking for budget ways of relaxing.

Museum of London

iPhone only

Another spiffy augmented reality app. First select a destination on the map, or use GPS to identify a location near you. If you hold the camera in front of the selected scene, your phone turns into a virtual window through time. Clicking the information button provides users with even more facts. The coolest way to enjoy the rich history of this city!

Transportation Apps

London Tube Status App

For iPhone and Android

Doesn’t it always seem like you are inundated with information about the status of the underground… but then you can never find the information you need at the most critical of times? This is perfect for people who forget/don’t have time to check before running out the door. It provides the latest information on all London Underground tube lines, DLR and Overground.

Find the closest tube station

Similar apps available as ‘Nearest Tube’ for iPhone and ‘Where’s the Tube’ for Android

Both apps your phone’s camera to create an awesome augmented reality on your screen. It’s perfect for both tech geeks and people who just never know what direction they’re facing when looking at a map. This could also be useful in tandem with the London Tube Status app (see above) for when you’ve just seen that the Circle Line is closed (again)- this is a perfect Plan B generator.

That’s all we have… so far! Post any other apps you use in London in the comments.

Happy downloading!


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