Christmas taxis news from ubiCabs

ubiCabs will shortly be announcing Christmas booking information ahead of the peak time for London minicabs. This information is pretty important, so we’ll be making it available through a series of web pages, emails and blog posts. Included will be everything from FAQs and tips on booking taxis in London around Christmas, to pricing alterations and app improvements.

With competition for cabs at its highest during the season of goodwill, ubiCabs is taking these steps to make sure its users don’t get left out in the cold, or worse, end up having to find a spare manger to hang around in while they wait for a minicab.

Christmas parties will be an area of particular focus. The last thing an organiser wants is to be doing any organising. And the last thing a party-goer wants is to be wasting precious prosecco time on queuing at a rank or hanging around waiting for a booking that could have been done sooner. For party planners, the thing to do is pre-book your Christmas taxis, and it gets a whole lot easier if you download ubiCabs and use it to subsequently manage your bookings. As for revellers, just in case you need to take matters in to your own hands, it also pays to have ubiCabs on your android or iPhone.

Of course, however you’re planning on getting to and from Christmas events, definitely remember to use licensed minicabs or taxis only, and never touts. We’ve got some interesting research on that subject coming out shortly, and you’ll read it here first. Also, drinking and driving is for wallies, and you wouldn’t want to be a wally now, would you?

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