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The Curry Festival comes to the curry mile, and ubiCabs is loosening its belt a couple of notches for a trip to Brick Lane this week.


Much Curry

Sitting in ubiHQ, munching a Kati Roll or several, has got us (me, I ate them all myself) thinking about the Brick Lane Curry Festival.  Even if our rolls do come from Soho, rather than the curry mile/curry mecca in E1, fine Indian/Bangladeshi food is fine Indian/Bangladeshi food, and we want more of it.


Kicking off on Tuesday 8th May with a street party to coincide with the Baishaki Mela Bangladeshi New Year celebrations, the festival is off to an alfresco flying start.  There’ll be music everywhere.  There’ll be swinging, swaying, and records playing, dining in the street.  No dress code, as long as you turn up.


This year, the festival’s 11th, sees the introduction of a giant Pitta Market (in a giant pitta, volume of pittas, different meaning? Unclear) in Allen’s Fields, showcasing home cooked delicacies.  There’s a fairground, music stages and picnic area at Weavers Fields too.  The whole thing runs until the 15th, so that’s plenty of time to try anything that takes your fancy.


A giant pitta

A giant pitta

For those with a curry fix that can’t be sated by a week of non-stop munching, or the potentially greater demographic who can’t make it to Brick Lane on those dates, here’s some content on fine curry we’ve collected.


Giant pitta

The same pitta, after manufacturing process.


That's spicy, but it's not a meat ball.

The Independent’s Top 50 Curry Houses of 2010.  Most of them still good.  It’s a good look at the top end but if you want a quick glance don’t bother as the gallery takes a while to go through a page at a time.


If you find yourself in Greater Manchester over the bank holiday or during the Curry Festival, try this set of reviews for curry haunts in that area, by the Curry Council no less.


If you’re considering cooking a curry of your own to bring a bit of festival into your own house, or perhaps because you’re planning to set up a sham restaurant near Brick Lane and make money off the back of it a la Del Boy (do not do this), have a look at this site for direct delivery ingredients.  There’s a sensible guide to putting good curries together on there too.


A database put together by a curry connoisseur/nutter who curates a fantastic range of recipes submitted by many people graded by strength.  There is a nuclear category which includes recipes featuring specification on refrigerated Andrex.  Hmmm.


Top of the shop on Google when searching for ‘curry’, because the internet still doesn’t know everything.


Interesting site with curry glossary, seasonal recipes and recipes for creating restaurant-style curries.  Whether you see this as a positive thing will depend on the curry restaurants you’ve been to.  In honour of Curry Festival 2012, we suggest positivity.

A curry bun. Incredible. Japanese, so off topic, but go on, give the link a click.

After all that, we assume you’re going to be too full of curry to move.  That’s our evil plan see?  Entice you all to stuff yourselves so full of curry you have to get a minicab home.  Download the ubicabs app on iPhone or Android, or book online at

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