Excellent letter about the influence of illegal taxi touts and the lack of enforcement and prosecution by the city of London

I came across this very well written letter addressed to Mayor Johnson today, here’s what I think is a very important quote from it:

“a significant and increasing number of my colleagues are now reluctant to work nights, particularly at weekends, because of the aggressive and devious tactics of the touts. Lack of action against them is ensuring that Licensed Taxi drivers, regarded by most as the safest form of travel, may become more difficult to find for the late night traveller.”

Personally, I’m tired of getting hassled by the touters outside clubs at the end of a night, plus I really just want to know I’m not getting ripped off while while still having the assurance that it’s safe! ubiCabs is aims to help customers get home safe and quickly after a night out by making it easy to get in touch with legitimate and licensed minicab (and eventually black cab) drivers.

You can find the rest of this article on the LegaledOff blog. Thanks Lester for a very well written letter.

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