What is ubiCabs and where can I use the service?

ubiCabs is the free mobile app and website that lets users find and book minicabs and taxis at competitive rates. The service covers London and all area airports, giving users instant access to over 2500 TfL-licensed minicabs so they will never have to search for a local minicab number again. ubiCabs services are also operational in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Bournemouth, drawing from around 4,000 taxis for all your travel needs.

ubiCabs is revolutionising the industry by setting a high standard for safety, quality and transparency. By using location-based technology to connect users with the nearest minicab, ubiCabs is providing a more convenient service for customers and improving efficiency and the environmental impact of minicabs by reducing “dead mileage”, the time that a minicab drives without a customer, which is currently ~45% of the time.

Why download a cab booking app?

This is the easy one. Get from A to B, conveniently, quickly and without reaching for the phonebook or a search engine. Always there, on your phone, waiting for when you need a cab for the airport, for a night out or for anything at all.

Where can I download the app?

ubiCabs is available on iPhone and Android, search for ubicabs on the App store or Google Play store or download the app via the link in the top bar.


Why do you need my phone number?

We ask for your mobile phone number so that the cab company and driver are able to get in touch with you when your cab arrives

What is a verification code?

This is a 4 digit code sent via text message to your mobile to ensure that you have registered the correct phone number. Once verified, all booking confirmation texts will be sent to this number.

I haven’t received a verification code, what do I do?

If you haven’t received an SMS to your mobile phone within a couple of minutes then try the following: go to ‘my account’ in the main menu, then ‘phone number’, and re-enter your mobile number. You should then receive a replacement code. If this doesn’t work please contact us at


I can’t enter my house/flat number  in the “From” or “To” field.

Use the ‘refine’ option next to your address selection to manually enter a house number or to add extra instructions if, for example, the pick-up point may not be obvious to the driver.

What next?

Set the time you require your taxi for either ASAP or in advance and then (if using the website) click ‘get quote’ after receiving your quote, press continue to set the number of passengers and pieces of luggage. If you’re using our app, then you can set the number of passengers and pieces of luggage at the same time as selecting your addresses – just tap the button in the bottom right-hand corner.

N.B. If you are making a booking from an airport or station, please see our station & airport section below for more information on waiting times and why we ask for your flight number.

Waiting time

How long will the cab wait for me?

This answer is for all pick-up points except when your pick-up point is an Airport (for info on these see below).
Your driver will wait for you at your pick-up address for 5 minutes after the agreed pick-up time without charge. After this 5 minute period you will incur an extra charge. This charge varies depending on the partner company who have taken on your fare. If you are paying the charge in cash please ask the driver for a receipt. If your booking was made with a credit/debit card the charge will automatically be added at the end of your journey and you will receive a receipt from us.

Pick-up from an Airport

How long will the driver wait for me at an airport?

The driver will wait for 30 minutes from the moment your flight lands at the airport, without charge. Beyond this time, there will be an additional charge; the charge varies depending on the partner company that has taken on your booking.

Why do I need to enter my flight number?

All companies closely monitor flights in order to make the necessary time changes for an airport pickup. For example, if your flight is delayed by 20 minutes and you planned to be picked up at 4pm your driver will expect you at 4:20pm.

Do I need to allow extra time for getting through customs when choosing my departure time?

We advise you book your taxi for 30 minutes after your scheduled landing time if you are an EU passport holder or 45 minutes for all other passport holders. This is the estimated amount of time it takes to get through customs, baggage pick-up etc.

Where do I meet the cab for my airport pick-up?

Your driver will meet you in the arrivals hall. The driver will be waiting at the exit holding a board/iPad with your name on it. If you cannot locate your driver, use the phone number included in your email or SMS confirmation to contact the driver or partner company directly.

Pick-up from a Station

How long will my driver wait for me at a station?

When you make a booking for a train station, the driver will wait for you for up to 5 minutes after your chosen pick up time, free of charge. If your driver is waiting for longer than 5 minutes, you will incur an extra charge that varies depending on the partner company undertaking your booking.

Where do I meet the cab from the station?

This depends on the station and the company which takes on your booking. Most large stations will have a designated pick-up area, but for various reasons companies may choose to pick you up somewhere more convenient. If you are unsure of where to meet your driver, call the number provided in your booking confirmation to speak with them or their company directly.

Choosing the right cab for your trip

What type of car should I select for my journey?

Our website and apps suggest an appropriate vehicle for the number of people and pieces of luggage you have selected but if you feel that you may need a bigger vehicle, you can manually update your choice after getting your quote (remember to check the updated quote price, as this may increase if you select a larger vehicle type). Here’s a key to our car sizes:

Vehicle Passengers Large Luggage Small Luggage
Saloon (Sedan) 4 2 2
Estate (Station wagon) 4 4 2
MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) 5 4 2
MPV Large (Multi Purpose Vehicle) 6 4 4

Please note:

If you intend to use a cab service to transport additional items of luggage (i.e. furniture or anything more than would be considered personal luggage) you should be aware that some cab companies charge an extra fee for excess baggage. This is entirely dependent on the partner company’s conditions and so queries regarding this extra fee should be directed at your driver or the company involved via the phone number included in your confirmation email.

What model of cars are your Saloons, Estates, etc.?

Although there are no standard models designated by our vehicle types which vary according to company, here are some examples of typical models used by our partner companies:

Vehicle Typical models
Saloon (Sedan) Toyota PRIUS / Vauxhall VECTRA
Estate (Station wagon) Toyota AVENSIS / Volkswagen PASSAT
MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) Vauxhall ZAFIRA / Ford GALAXY
MPV Large (Multi Purpose Vehicle) Volkswagen TRANSPORTER

What safety checks do your cabs go through?

All of our taxi companies are licensed with the Public Carriage Office, meaning that all drivers are CRB checked, medical checked, in possession of E.U. drivers’ licenses and driving cars less than five years old, safety checked within the last six months. You’ll receive booking details by SMS too, and with the info contained in our ‘booking accepted’ SMS and email you’ll know exactly who’s coming to pick you up and what they’re driving.

Pricing and payment options

How can I pay for my cab ride?

  • Cash – Direct to the driver
  • Card – Visa and Mastercard
  • Credit/Account – Credit or tokens earned from our referral schemes (see our “Inviting friends to get free credit” section below)

How much does it cost for a ubiCab?

We compare prices, saving you up to 40% over black cabs.

Here are some price estimates :

From To Price
Central London Heathrow Airport ~£35 – £40
Central London Gatwick Airport ~£60
Central London Stansted Airport ~£60
Central London Luton Airport ~£60
Central London City Airport ~£30
Central London Southend Airport ~£80

*All prices are estimates and are subject to change. For an up-to-date quote hit Book Now.

How secure are your payments?

We use the latest 3D security provided by your bank to protect your payments and details. This means that once you have made a booking you will be required to enter 3 digits of your secure code for your bank’s security identification.

How will you debit my account?

Our transaction system creates a reserve payment that checks and holds the cost of your journey in your account. This is only for purposes of account and funds verification: we have not actually charged your account and the funds will be automatically freed up within 24hrs, depending on your bank.

If you have made a booking more than 48 hours in advance you will be charged, but you will be automatically refunded should you choose to cancel before your journey. All refunds may take up to 48 hours to clear with your bank.

Can I get a receipt for my journey?

You will receive a receipt for your journey via email once the transaction has been completed.

Updating or cancelling a booking

I need to change or update my booking or add extra stops

In any situation where you need to change the time, pick-up point, drop-off point or add extra stops call the cab company number included in your confirmation email to contact them directly. They will then update your booking and any changes to the price will be reflected in an updated confirmation message that you will receive.

How can I cancel my booking?

If using the website: Login to the website, click the ‘bookings’ tab and click ‘cancel’ to cancel your booking.

If using the apps: Select ‘My bookings’ from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner and select ‘cancel’.

N.B. We ask that when cancelling a booking you do so as soon as possible in order to avoid a driver being sent to your location in error.

Card Bookings: I cancelled my booking but my account still shows a charge

Standard crediting procedure for card payments depends on the time between booking and pick up time:

  • Within 48 hours – your account will show a reserved amount but will not be charged until you make your journey
  • More than 48 hours in advance – your account will be charged but your payment will be automatically refunded should you cancel before your booking

All refunds/cancelled payments may take up to 48 hours to be cleared with your bank.

If neither of the above categories covers your situation or your refund has not occurred after 48 hours of your cancellation, please contact us at

Inviting friends to get free credit

How does it work?

ubiCabs lets you invite friends to earn free cab credit. Just invite your friends to join, and we’ll send them all £5 credit to get started when they sign up. When they book and take a ubiCab ride, we send you £5 account credit to say thanks for getting us together.

Where do I do it?

It’s very easy to share through the iPhone and Android apps via Facebook, Twitter and email. Just tap ‘Cab Credit’ from the app menu and select your preferred medium for referral.

N.B. If the ‘select contacts’ field is empty when you select the email option you may need to check the privacy settings on your mobile device and allow the ubiCabs app access to your contacts.


A new feature in the apps is the tokens system. Because of the tokens system, you keep on benefiting from your friends’ journeys. Every time they take a ride after their first, you will receive a token that can be redeemed against part of the price of your future journeys. This can be accessed in the same section of the app as the cab credit.

Credit and tokens can only be redeemed against card bookings. One token may be redeemed per journey

Voucher Codes and Account Credit

How can I redeem the credit I have earned from referrals?

When you have earned credit in your account you can use it in conjunction with credit card bookings. To do this, just select account or credit at the payment options screen and hit continue. You will then be prompted to make a card payment for the difference between your account balance and the fare for your journey. E.g. If you have £5 credit and you make a £25 booking, you will be asked to make a card payment of £20. We regret that paying via account credit is not compatible with cash bookings at this time.

How can I redeem my voucher code?

Whether you are using the app or the ubiCabs online booker, just add your voucher code before final confirmation to get a discounted price. A message will pop up to let you know your discount has been applied, and if it hasn’t, the reason why. Voucher codes may only be used on card bookings.

Driver tracking

How can I use the ‘Driver Tracking’ feature?

The ‘Driver Tracking’ feature is designed to help you see where your driver is and know how far away they are. To enable this feature you first need to:

  1. Make a new booking.
  2. Tap on the ‘Tracking’ tab.
  3. View your drivers location.

*This feature is currently only available on our iPhone and Android apps and on bookings where driver tracking is available.

My account

How can I view my previous bookings?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the Bookings tab.
  3. All your booking history can now be viewed.

In the app – iPhone and Android

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Tap the menu button in the top left corner.
  3. Tap My Bookings.
  4. Voilà

I’ve forgotten my password.

Head to our forgotten password page, Forgot Password

Still having trouble?

Send us an email at detailing your problem and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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