Guess who I had in my London minicab… Part 2

Regular readers of the ubiBlog will doubtless be aware of ubiCabs’ commitment to impeccable service. One facet of that service is the delivery of the perfect London minicab ride, a key component of which can be a dubious yet entertaining story about someone notorious taking a ride in that cab. To ensure this critical service deliverable is achieved with aplomb, ubiCabs is creating a series of ‘starter stories’. These stories should ensure that drivers are never short of an idea, and consequently, that customers always have a taxi tale to pass the time.

And so, to Part Two. Remember, drivers, what we said in Part One – these stories should be embellished where possible, and the truth is a ‘nice to have’, rather than a must have.

“You’ll never guess who was in my minicab, it was…”

  1. An MPV booking, and I had all 11 Doctor Whos trying to get in the same cab. “This ain’t a TARDIS I said, it’s a Galaxy. It’s got 7 seats and it’s as big on the inside as it looks on the outside. I made Baker, Tennant, Smith and that guy who only did the movie ring for a saloon. Always trying to take the mick, your Time Lords are.”
  2. The three guys nobody remembers from the Backstreet Boys, who wanted picking up from Wimbledon dog track. They didn’t tip me, so I said I thought they did a great job with ‘Bye Bye Bye’.
  3. I picked up Julian Assange’s PA and helped move his stuff into the Ecuadorean Embassy.
  4. A Jedi. That’s right. You heard me.
  5. Nick Clegg was in my cab just after the general election. “Don’t worry mate”, I said, “I’ve got a great idea…” And he’s never looked back since.
  6. I took Jamie Oliver down to Sainsbury’s during the filming of one his 15 Minute Meals, when he realised he’d run out of microwave rice.
  7. I picked Moses up from the top of Mount Sinai. Thinking about it now though, it was probably just Charlton Heston.
  8. I was taking this American kid back to the airport for his flight to Boston. Must have been, oh, 2003 I’d say. I was telling him my great idea for a website…
  9. The chairman of Addison Lee. He was headhunting me as he’d seen my mad skills. Told him I don’t work for the man.
  10. I took Pippa Middleton, another 2000 copies of her new book and a spade up to Hampstead Heath.

Well there you are. 20 down, 80 to go. If you have a suggestion for the kind of story you’d like to hear in a London minicab, don’t hold back, Jack. Minicab drivers, you have your orders. Regale, regale, regale.

Happy ubiCabbing.

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