How to Survive a Tube Strike

TFL strikes again this week…

…but ubiCabs has your back!


Know when  the strikes are scheduled:

Sunday June 19th from 21:01 to Monday June 20th at 3:00
Monday June 27th from 21:01 to Tuesday June 28th at 11:59
Wednesday June 29th from 12:00 to Thursday June 30th at 11:59
July 1st from 12:00 to 21:00


PLAN AHEAD! Choose your method of alternative transportation. Consider using the Barclays Cycle Hire… you can either sign up as a member, or start using the bikes immediately using a credit or debit card at any docking station. Click here to see a map of the docking stations. However, inexperienced cyclists should be aware due to the strikes there will be more cars on the road during this time- perhaps not the best of times to start cycling in London.

Also consider taking a bus! Click here to plan your bus route with TfL, or download a London journey planner app: Android or iPhone. Walking is always another great option- and what better time of year is there to do it than in summer?! Just be sure to remember your umbrellas folks… A special note for our female readers: just because you’re wearing nice shoes to work doesn’t mean you can’t walk! Don’t want to add a pair of heavy, bulky trainers to your bag? Consider investing in these brilliant folding flats.

Step 3

Download the latest ubiCabs app if you haven’t already… even if you are planning to cycle or take a bus, it can’t hurt to have a our handy minicab booker ready as a back-up plan!


If you know you will want to take a minicab during one of the strikes, why not book ahead using the app? Because more people take minicabs during a strike, booking ahead will ensure that there is a car available for you. Just enter the addresses you’ll be travelling from and the app will use the local minicab companies to generate the least expensive quotes- so much less hassle than having to call around yourself!


Arrive at your destination on time and ready to take on the world!

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