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All the information you need on London taxis, including the differences between black cabs and minicabs.

What is a London Taxi?

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There are two types of taxi in London, but only one that is officially called a ‘taxi’. Technically, a London taxi is a black cab. You can get an estimated quote for a black cab journey here. However, most people around the world, the rest of Britain and indeed London itself call a taxi any kind of car with a driver who takes you where you want to go for a fare. This includes meter taxis like London black cabs and fixed fare, private hire cabs. These are known as minicabs. They’re a bit cheaper and you can get a quote here.

What are the main differences between London taxis and minicabs?

London TaxiLondon Minicab
Known AsTaxi, black cab, cabTaxi, cab, minicab
Official NameHackney CarriagePrivate Hire Vehicle
Pricing MethodMeterFixed Fare
Booking MethodHail in StreetBook in Advance, ubiCabs apps or website
Navigation MethodThe KnowledgeSat Nav
Payment MethodUsually cash, some take cards.Usually cash, or card with apps
Availability in Central LondonHighHigh
Availability in Outer LondonLowHigh
Car TypesTraditional black cabs, few larger vansSaloons, estates, people carriers/minivans, luxury cars
PricingUsually more expensiveUsually cheaper
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