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ubiCabs wins the Digital London Start Up Challenge

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App Rush – ubiCabs

Guardian.co.uk, May 9 2012

“… It also analyses prices, and will soon add Facebook features so people can share their journey details with friends…” read more


ubiCabs drives headlong into London taxi battle

gigaom.com, May 10 2012

“… Feedback from the public seems strong: reviewers on a variety of app stores say it’s quick and easy to use — both big positives. And when I tried using it this week the service gave me fast and inexpensive options to get across town…” read more


Site Inspection – ubiCabs iPhone App

NMA.co.uk, May 10 2012

“… This app is great. It really works and the social elements are a nice touch …” read more

Mobile Marketing Magazine

ubiCabs – Making taxis less taxing

MobileMarketingMagazine.com, May 11 2012

“… The app will inform the customer of how long their journey will take, and how much it will cost. Users can pay using their phone, via registered credit card…” read more

Small Business

Keeping tabs on cabs

SmallBusiness.co.uk, Jan 24 2011

“… We check all the cab companies we work with and do pricing comparisons. So the user requests a cab from A to B, we find all the cabs that can do the journey, we pick the cheapest ones and send them a request …” read more

CityAM logo

Apps that can aide a more productive working life

CityAM.com, Jan 13 2011

“… don’t waste time fighting for a cab. Use ubicabs.com to …” read more


Time and money saving technology that could stop you and the taxi driver from crashing

Jan 6 2011

“Here’s a new gadget that could not only save busy professionals time and money …” read more