New Developments Changing Minicab Booking App Game, Again.

“Minicab booking apps, everyone knows about those.”

People say that to us now in London.  How quickly has that happened?  When the ink was drying on our business plan a few months ago, it was a sparkly new idea of the advancing smartphone age.  Now, as they say, “everyone knows about those.”

So we got to thinking, what do you not know about yet, strictly from a minicab booking app perspective?  What are the bits and pieces already in our app, or coming soon, that’ll make you think “Hmmm, I was not aware of that.”


Development Uno – Pay by Card

Arrived last month and now completely rolled out, you can choose to pay securely by card, or stick with the cash when ubiCabbing nowadays.  Never dash to the cashpoint again.


(Sung in a power ballad style) You can choose to pay by caaaaaard!

Development Dos – Driver Tracking

Don’t call companies to find out where your cab is, watch them driving to you in the app.  See their faces, rate their moustaches, you can do it all.


Development Tres – Share My Location

Do you still text people to say you’ve got in safe?  How old school are you?  Share your location with whoever you like as you travel, via Facebook, email or SMS, with just a couple of app taps.  You can even switch this on when you’re not in a ubiCab, because we love you this much.


No more mates watching the pub door waiting for you to pitch up.

Development Cuatro – Voucher Codes

Keep an eye out for ubiCredit, for our voucher codes have arrived.  Fancy a discount cab, it could be yours if you grab a code and input it.


Development Cinco – Grappa the Rabbit

Though yet to make his debut in the app, Grappa the Rabbit has garnered a cult following in the office.  Features involving a figure-of-eight running bunny expected soon.


Grappa. A rabbit.

If there’s a new feature you’d like to see added soon, let us ubiCabbers know about it and you could win…the chance to see a feature you suggested implemented by the tech team of a minicab booking app.  What a prize, what a stunning prize.


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