Reporting Touting and Illegal Cabs

TfL has been working hard to eliminate the illegal cab industry while simultaneously endeavoring to make Londoners more aware of the dangers of taking illegal minicabs. Now they’re combining these efforts by allowing people to report information regarding illegal cab activities. You can use the form on this page (see the tab “Report illegal activity”), call 0845 300 7000 or email

It is important for your personal safety to know what is legal and what is not.

  • Only black taxis may legally be hailed from the streets. All other cabs (PHV’s) must be pre-booked.
  • Touting is when any driver other than a black taxi driver solicits customers
  • Unlicensed cabs are both unregulated and uninsured- meaning that you are extremely vulnerable if you choose to take one
  • Even if a TfL-licensed minicab driver engages in touting it is still illegal, because they do not have the same licensing as black taxi drivers

Illegal cabs are not only a threat to unknowing passengers, but also negatively impact law abiding taxis and private hire vehicle companies (minicabs). Help TfL eliminate touting and unbooked minicabs by reporting illegal activities!