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ubiCabs – The Beginning

A long time ago, we were down at the bank manager’s place (the bank), showing off the old business plan.  It was full of the nuts and bolts of how we make a fantastic user experience happen for our customers.  […]

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5 Ways to Beat Olympic Transport Blues with ubiCabs

It’s trending on twitter and we’re all quaking in our boots, because it’s not immediately clear how we’re all going to get to work when the greatest show on Earth gives TFL a kicking. Sigh no more though, for we’ve […]

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New Video: Keep Your Life Moving With ubiCabs

Check out our brand new video! Thanks to Verity and the team at Key One Productions for putting it together. Grabbing a quick drink before heading home? That quick drink could lead to a long trek home when an empty […]

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How to Survive a Tube Strike

TFL strikes again this week… …but ubiCabs has your back! STEP 1 Know when  the strikes are scheduled: Sunday June 19th from 21:01 to Monday June 20th at 3:00 Monday June 27th from 21:01 to Tuesday June 28th at 11:59 […]

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