The Best Way to Stay Safe is to Be Informed

TfL’s Travel Advice for Women

TfL has a great information page on travel advice specifically geared towards women. You can read the highlights below:

  • TfL has been working with the police to get London’s transport crime level to the lowest it has been in 6 years. Sexual offences are rare, but TfL and the police are committed to both preventing would-be offenders as well as punishing offenders. You should report any incidents ASAP.

  • TfL shares our concern about the dangers of taking unbooked minicabs! Remember, only black taxi’s can be hailed off the street; minicabs can legally only accept fares if they have been booked in advance through minicab company offices via phone/internet/app. In addition to live booking, the ubiCabs app also has a UK-wide directory of minicab/taxi phone numbers. Alternatively you can take advantage of TfL’s cabwise campaign and text “CAB” to 60835 to get the two nearest minicab/taxi company numbers texted to your phone.

  • Theft is the most common crime- and an easy one to avoid! Keep your valuables zipped up and secured in order to decrease your risk of being targeted. Look out in especially busy ares where people are less likely to notice pick-pockets.
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