Tube closure, strike, and irregular service during the Christmas Weekend.

Dear ubiCabs’ customers,

The festive season is already here and we know that all of you are planning to gather with friends and family during these days.

We’ve noticed that there will be closures, irregular service, and even a strike (!) on London’s transport during the Christmas weekend and that might interfere with your Christmas plans. It would be great if you could book a cab in advance for all the events that you are planning to attend, that way you’ll make sure that you’ll get there.

Many people during Christmas Eve attend to family dinners, which usually are great and end late and no one likes missing it or not getting there on time! On the 24th of Dec the tube, until 19.00 hours, will be operating as if it was Saturday, with several exceptions…and as you know on Saturdays the transport in London is less frequent, so booking a cab might give you peace of mind ensuring you that you’ll get to your Christmas Eve’s dinner.

Christmas Day! Santa is here! But there is no transport at all! Everyone who wishes to celebrate Christmas Day will need to either walk in the freezing temperatures or take a cab. Since most of the people prefer taking a cab the cab companies will be extremely busy, so here is a tip: book your cab in advance through ubiCabs. You’ll get to your Christmas brunch, lunch, dinner, or whatever event you have without a problem and happy to have planned ahead. What a relief!

Now, here it comes the most anticipated day for shopaholics: Boxing Day! Well, no idea why but the Tube of London decided to strike! Both shoppers and sellers must be annoyed by this! Again, the best solution to be waiting ages for a cab company to take your booking is to book one day before or with a lot of time ahead that same day. Happy Shopping!

So, conclusion: book a cab in advance if you want to make it to your Christmas Events …and to the sales of Boxing Day!

Happy Holidays!

ubiCabs Team