Tube Drivers to Strike on Boxing Day

tube strike


Tube drivers have voted to strike on Boxing Day, threatening to disrupt holiday travel and one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Football fixtures have already been effected, with Arsenal postponing their Premier League game against Wolves until 27 December, but please note that Chelsea v Fulham will go ahead as planned.

ASLEF, the union representing the Tube drivers, says the strike will happen unless drivers are guaranteed triple pay and an extra day off for those working on the bank holiday. Additional strikes are planned on 16 January, 3 February and 13 February.

Mayor Boris Johnson condemned the vote, with London Underground taking the Union to court yesterday to challenge the legality of the strike. Mr Justice Elder, however, threw out the challenge and stated that he was not going to grant an injunction. The strike is now set to continue as originally planned.