We're Back!

Sorry we’ve been MIA! We’ve been keeping ourselves busy since December by improving the app and setting up new exciting features. Now that we’re back on the blog there are some updates to share with those of you that don’t get the newsletter (which you can subscribe to HERE)

On to the updates!


First off, be sure to get the IMPROVED VERSION of the ubiCabs app. It now has an easier-to-use home screen, and we’ve fixed a lot of the bugs so the app runs very well now!

Discount London Airport Rates (to and from Central London)

This next one is great news for everyone with upcoming travel plans: through our partners we have secured discounted rates for ubiCabbers getting to and from all the London airports! Of course, these rates vary depending on parking and waiting times- every company does this. But you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in a cab instead of the train: the ubiCabs quote from Paddington Station to Heathrow is £25 for a sedan. A one way Heathrow express ticket costs £16.50. So, for two ubiCabbers travelling from Paddington to Heathrow, it is way cheaper to book through ubiCabs. Voila! No more guilt and it’s door to door service!

Important note on booking FROM airports: make sure you book at least 3 hours prior to your flight arrival. This gives cab companies the advance notice they need in order to get a car out to the airport for you.

(Sorry, iPhone only at the moment!)

The ‘Get Me Home’ feature is a single button you can select that only requires you to choose the pick-up spot. The first time you use it you’ll be asked to enter your home address, which will then be saved to your Favourites. If you’ve already saved it in your Favourites, just go to the Favourites screen, select the address and press “Set Home Address.” No need to re-type.


You can now log in using either your phone number or email address. We’ll let you decide what’s more convenient!

ubiCabber Insider Tip:

Make sure to book ahead during busy times like rush hour, closing time for clubs and in bad weather. At these times there is low availability of cars with ALL cab companies, so think ahead to maximise your chance of getting one. We’re working hard to make this ‘getting a cab’ thing easier, but it is still London after all…

We’ll be updating the blog more often from now on, so be sure to come back soon!