5 Top Ways to Travel from London to Luton Airport

Summary: Whether you are getting ready to fly off on your holidays abroad, travel for business or pick someone up from Luton Airport, finding a cheap airport taxi could be a nightmare unless you search ubiCabs first.

You know the way it works; your holiday bags are packed, your briefcase and laptop case are organised ready for your business trip or your Aunt Maud has rung four times to remind you that you must get to the airport in good time to pick up Uncle. This is the point where you realise that you still haven’t yet organised your taxi to Luton airport. From that moment on stress levels start to rise and your mood begins to sink.
Fortunately there are a range of options to choose from when travelling from London to Luton.

National Express Coaches

Should you decide to travel by National Express you may usually get a seat as late as the day before. National Express is a coach service which ferries passengers to and from a variety of locations around the UK. Coach travel is not the quickest, rather a leisurely way to get around which is less effort than driving yourself. It is not, however, as fast or convenient as booking a Luton Airport taxi.

Drive Yourself

Driving anywhere in or around London is something of a nightmare due to the sheer volume of vehicles on the road. Many Londoners actually choose to get rid of their cars and use the Tube. Whilst driving may seem the most convenient way to get to an airport it is hardly the cheapest when you consider the price of petrol, airport parking and even wear and tear on your vehicle if the London to Luton run is a regular one.

Travelling by Train

Trains are a fabulous way to get around. Cost is however another factor to consider here as a cheap airport taxi may actually work out slightly cheaper than train travel dependent on where in London you are coming from. You would also need to consider baggage space (you don’t get your own boot on a train) and train times.

The Tube

This one’s a bit of a red herring. While London Luton Airport definitely serves London, it’s quite a distance from the City, and the Tube doesn’t actually go that far out. Cheap and convenient though it is, the Tube gets about as far north as Watford and Barnet, so unless you want to get onward travel from those destinations (not recommended), it’s best to avoid the Tube to Luton Airport.

Book a Cheap Airport Taxi

A taxi to Luton Airport will get you there quicker, you will have space for your own baggage or the suitcases of someone you are picking up, your taxi may be booked at a time to suit you and take you literally door to door so there is not standing around on a busy platform in all weathers. It may also be cheaper than you’d expect.

When buying a sofa, a TV or even home insurance you would probably use a comparison website to check best prices and availability first. Now you are able to do the exact same thing when booking a taxi. Enter your starting location and destination, your time and date of travel and watch as the ubiCabs website searches through a number of registered taxi firms to find you a cab that is available and which costs you less. You may pay by card (so no scrambling around for cash) and book online for convenience and peace of mind. There is also generally a ‘meet and greet’ service available, so you get one of those helpful chaps holding a board with your name on it when you come to find your taxi from Luton Airport.

The next time you find yourself in need of a taxi to Luton Airport, or indeed need to get hold of any London-based cheap airport taxi make sure that you check out the ubiCabs website first to save yourself both time and money. A reputable company is important when travelling anywhere and it certainly wouldn’t do to keep Uncle waiting at the terminal for his taxi from Luton Airport.