What if we lived in a world where an ordinary person like you could get a cab ride for free, just because it’s Friday?

Well, human. Rejoice! For we live in such a world.


ubiCabs is giving away five free cab rides for London’s Friday night frolickers.

Free Friday London Taxi

All you need to do to win a glorious ubiCab for you and/or your friends to get to/from the bar/club/library/life drawing class this weekend is follow @ubicabs and tweet using the hashtag #5FreeFridayRides.

Follow and tweet by 4pm to get involved, because when the clock strikes four, we’re picking the winners, and if you don’t enter, you’re going to look a pumpkin.

PS. You can use your #5FreeFridayRides prize this weekend only, but in case you don’t need it, we’ll let you pass it on to a friend instead – so even if you can’t ride, you can enter anyway and be a weekend hero.


All this could be yours, briefly

Legal Stuff

  1. To enter you have to follow the @ubiCabs twitter account and post a tweet with #5FreeFridayRides in it.
  2. We’ll pick five entrants at random after the 4pm cut-off.
  3. The winners will be required to sign up for free ubiCabs accounts which will be credited with £30 for cab ride(s).
  4. If your cab ride(s) cost more than the credit amount you will need to top up your account to the value of the ride(s) by credit card, or pay cash for the whole value.
  5. Account credit can’t be withdrawn and no cash alternative is available.
  6. The account credit will be available for cab rides from Friday 6pm onwards and will expire at the end of the weekend.
  7. The prize can only be used for rides within the geographical area normally covered by ubiCabs.
  8. If you prefer to transfer the prize to a friend they will need to sign up for a ubiCabs account and you can let us know by emailing ffr@ubicabs.com any time up to the deadline for credit expiry, though the credit will still expire at the end of the weekend.
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