Airport Transfers with ubiCabs


After last week’s SVC2UK escapades highlighted the good ship ubiCabs’ ability to put on a rather splendid set of airport transfers, it’s a great time to look again at the growing list of places that you and your wheelie suitcase can get to in a ubiCabs London minicab.

In the beginning, there was Heathrow. The ubiTeam had to move fast to get Britain’s busiest airport covered, not so much because we had droves of passengers trying to go there, rather due to the volume of users trying to test the app out by getting quotes for it. Either way, ubiCabs record of providing Heathrow Airport taxis goes back right to the earliest days of the app. Nowadays almost all of our network partners have taken passengers to Heathrow on ubiCabs’ behalf, and cabs from central London to Heathrow are still coming in at as little as £29. What a Brucie bonus that is to go with your B.A. flight.

While ubiCabs was in BETA, the other London airports, including Gatwick, City and Stansted were duly covered and began seeing ubiCabbers, including one whose trip to Essex for a Ryanair flight was ubiCabs’ record booking for some time.

After launching officially in May, we were delighted to sign up network partners to cover Luton Airport, while recent months have seen another flurry of sign-up activity driven by the sterling efforts of Partner Managers Marc and Francesco. First we added the rapidly growing Southend Airport to the platform, providing both ASAP pick up for taxis from Southend Airport, and fixed fare minicabs to Southend from anywhere in London. With Easyjet having recently set up shop there, Southend looks set to become a major ubiHub in the near future.

More recently, ubiCabs has added coverage for Southampton Airport taxis, Cardiff Airport cabs, and East Midlands Airport too. This move created a fantastic option for travellers journeying between Heathrow or Gatwick and Southampton, and for Channel Islands and domestic UK passengers heading for the capital. The Cardiff and East Midlands coverage meanwhile, represents an exciting expansion of ubiCabs beyond London, catering for commuters between other major UK cities and these important airports.

ubiCabs hopes to have further air travel announcements soon, and that more ubiCabbers, in more locations, will imminently be seeing a laminated plastic sheet with their name on it in the arrivals lounge. Happy travels…Planet Earth.

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