Amazing Tips for the Solo Traveler


Going on a solo journey is not for everyone. You need a reasonable amount of guts, as travelling by yourself, in some countries can be quite exciting. Here are some tips on how to make things even more exciting:

1. Hostel or not?
A stay in a hostel has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve ever slept in a hostel then you’ve surely made new friends in no time. However, there’s also a downside, for to make new friends, you are no longer alone which some people may frown upon. Altough, they say that the ultimate way to travel is to get involved with the locals. Therefore consider staying in a hostel to experience other ways by mingling with the locals.

2. Plan the first days
Make sure you have planned the first few days after arrival. Arrange a place to stay, consider where the airport or train station is located relative to your place, and plan what you want to do for the first few days. These are the days to get used to being alone, as well as the new environment. Make some space during this time to plan your onward journey!

3. Don’t take much luggage
Travelling alone also means carrying alone. So there is no one around who can help you to carry a heavy suitcase or backpack. This is especially a tip for the female solo travellers: do not take too much luggage. Pack only what you can carry yourself. This means taking necessary things only, and not everything else that might seem important.

4. Safety first!
Travelling solo also brings some risks with it. In all cases its best to be safe. If you have doubts about something, do not do it. If it looks dodgy, know that a little extra vigilance cannot hurt. The goal is to make a wonderful trip, and safe return home!

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