Bank Holiday Breaks by ubiCabs

What a difference a day makes.  On no other weekend would you be pondering a quick skip down to Bremen, a hop across to Malmo or a jaunt to Wroclaw.  But this is no other weekend, it’s a bank holiday, and that extra Monday opens a world of possibilities.


It’s a world made up of places you’ve only vaguely heard of in the context of the old Cup Winners Cup, but never considered on their merits as tourist destinations.  A world where places are known not by their actual names, nor even the names of things they’re vaguely near, but rather by the monikers of major cities somewhere on the same peninsula, whose own airports won’t service Ryanair planes.


It’s the world of the cheeky weekend getaway.  Cultured, naughty, boozy, shoppy, staggy, henny, dirty, history-y.  They come in all shapes and sizes and, fees and charges notwithstanding, offer value for money to the adventurous, spontaneous and indiscriminate alike.


If bank holiday weekends were like the Olympics, and offered a gaudy corporate tie-in for anything a marketing department can badge, then ubiCabs would be The Official Airport Transfer Partner of Bank Holidays.  Indeed, so competitive to the airports are we, be it Stansted, Luton, City, Heathrow or Gatwick, that our customers can enjoy anything between two and five extra Wetherspoon’s all day breakfasts in the departure lounge.


What might one do, were one to fetch up in some far-flung corner of Europe made near via economical flights?  Well , here’s a city, a stat and a guide to get you thinking where you could be spending this bank holiday if you’ve had enough of rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, su-no, rain actually.


Wroclaw – The Venice of Poland –


Slask Wroclaw, brough to you by Innocent.


Malmo – Turning Torso, Sweden’s highest building, does the twist here –

Twisty old building

Turning Torso, Malmo. Architect: C. Checker




Bremen – The rock band Kiss is banned from playing in Bremen –

Kiss - Banned in Bremen

Kiss - Banned in Bremen


Aarhus – Denmark’s number 1 rapper, Liam O’Connor, comes from Aarhus –

Almeria – Home to Europe’s largest naturist beach –


There’s some to get you started.  We’d love to receive your bank holiday travel tips to add to this blog.  And remember, it’s not a proper bank holiday break if you don’t start it in a minicab.