Best Apps for your Business Trip!

About to go on a business trip? Here’s a few apps that can make a true difference with regards to your workload by keeping you up to date on business affairs and organizing your travel plans.


Trip Case app – If you’re a frequent traveller then the Trip Case app may be a handy app for you. Consider it as a place to keep all your travel information, ranging from hotel booking, flight number and even taxi confirmation info! Forget unreadable notes and scraps of paper, when you download this app you’ll be able to manage any kind of trips, both personal and business. It will allow you to manage all the information you need in one place and will make sure you have the correct information at any time needed. Lastly, the Trip Case business app will also automatically import your Outlook and Google calendars! How about that?!


Pocket app – Surely you’ve been on the laptop or phone browsing away right? How many times haven’t you bumped into articles you’d like to read that grabbed your attention but didn’t have time right away? This is where the Pocket app comes in. This app will allow you to save almost everything in your pocket so that you may be able to read these on a later note. The best news is that this is not limited to articles but also images and videos.


SignEasy app – The SignEasy app allows one to electronically sign important documents when you are on the move and unable to check in the office. The app makes sure you don’t have to print paperwork, sign and scan it to send back by communicating with popular cloud services. One can also collect signatures on the same document making it an ideal app save time and effort! So next time you’re on the move going up and about your endeavours, remember to download SignEasy to make things easier.


Google analytics app – Google launched their Analytics mobile app in 2014 as an essential tool to monitor your site’s performance while travelling. It’s ideal for webmasters or small business owners as you can access all web and reporting profiles on any platform you may be using such as a smart-phone or tablet. With the Google app there’s no need to wait any more to get back to the office. Not only is it free but it’s also available on iPhone and Android phones!

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