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New Developments Changing Minicab Booking App Game, Again.

“Minicab booking apps, everyone knows about those.” People say that to us now in London.  How quickly has that happened?  When the ink was drying on our business plan a few months ago, it was a sparkly new idea of the […]

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Safety Concerns for Taxi and PHV Drivers

Passenger safety is a hot topic when it comes to the taxi and minicab industry. Less frequently discussed is the safety of drivers. According to the research of Moira Weir, an MSc transport, planning and engineering student at the Edinburgh […]

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The Best Way to Stay Safe is to Be Informed

TfL’s Travel Advice for Women TfL has a great information page on travel advice specifically geared towards women. You can read the highlights below: TfL has been working with the police to get London’s transport crime level to the lowest […]

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Safe minicabs at your fingertips…

ubiCabs’ Safety Policy: Your safety is a priority at ubiCabs. We’ve taken a rigorous approach to ensuring the companies we work with are the best and safest companies around London.  All our partner companies are licensed with the Public Carriage […]

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