Want to be a Driver?

  • Join a local company near you
  • App based: no set up fee, no PDA
  • Advance work and airport transfers
  • Majority of work is cash
iPhone cab booking app ubiCabs

What do you need?

  • Professional driver who can do both corporate and consumer work
  • Have a car less than 5 years old

Ready to go?

Then enter the details in the form given below

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Map Selection

Easily find your location and your destination using the map selection feature. Simply drag the map to select your location, after you’ve selected both your pick up and drop off locations we’ll then show your distance and a cheap quote. That’s the power of an Android or iPhone taxi app.


No more searching for cash points. We accept cash, card and account for payments. Our security is top notch too, we use 128 Bit 3D security for all our transactions. All payments with ubiCabs taxi app are secure.

taxi app pay by card

taxi app account payment

Account Payments

If you’re a business customer you’re going to love this feature. We allow you to top-up credit into your ubiCabs taxi app account so you’ll never be hunting around for your card again.

Vehicle Selection

You now can choose what type and kind of vehicle you would like to be picked up in. Whether you’re on your own or with a group of friends, the taxi app has a vehicle selection that’s just right for your trip.

taxi app executive car

Download the Free Minicab App

Free to download on iPhone and Android. Give it a go.
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