Future Travel Plans? Try a Mystery Flight!

The phenomenon is back folks! Travelling without knowing where you’re going that is! It’s becoming a strong trend of travel agencies to offer customers the possibility to book a random destination at a low cost. It is only just before departure at the airport that one finds out where they are actually going. Talk about excitement! It might just be the ultimate rush in terms of travelling and discovering new places. The best news is that you pay relatively little, and it is a convenient opportunity for travel agencies given their excess in airline seats and hotel beds.

Mystery Flights
The German airline Germanwings offers mystery fights under the name of “Blind Booking” starting at €33! One can choose a departure airport up to 45 days prior and after the booking one can immediately see where they are headed to. These are European destinations only. KLM, the Dutch airline company, had Mystery tickets for a period of 6 weeks. You bought a ticket for €99 on Monday to an unknown destination in Europe. On Tuesday you heard where the journey was in order to leave on Friday. The action is sadly over, but who knows perhaps KLM will repeat it. In fact, it would not be a surprise if other (low-fare) airlines started providing such tickets as a means to generate demand. From a traveller’s point of view, though risky, the whole idea is certainly enticing. Not only do you book an unknown destination, but you also book a surprise hotel along with that. This is usually a 3 or 4-star hotel which may be located in the centre of a city. Once you are there, the true adventure begins. Get to know a completely foreign country unexpectedly and visit as many laces as you can. It certainly is one of the most adventurous trends nowadays!