Here's tweeting at you kid

What sort of tweeting is going to be right for us?  You decide.

Right then, let’s talk twitter. We’re thinking about it a lot at ubiCabs these days. Talking easily and directly to friends and customers is a big thing for us, a natural thing given how committed we are, specifically, to user experience. We’re also kind of keen to get our name out there. OK, very keen.

Here’s the thing though, whilst there’s loads of stuff out there on bending twitter to your business’ will, there’s not so much on making sure that what you’re saying fits your community perfectly. And there wouldn’t be, of course, because there’s no one ring for ruling them all with this. Everything’s unique.

Do you want cab relevant? Do you want travel? Do you want to see participation in other trending topics? Who knows? We don’t, anyway, not yet. So we suppose what we’re saying here is, “Hi, we tweet, and we’d love to tweet at you sometime. Maybe you could follow us and see what you think, and whatever you think, tell us.”

Ultimately we know our twitter page, like everything else we do, will be shaped by what our users want, because that’s how we can perfect user experience. So get in early doors with us on this, and help us make it what you want. Tell us what you think of our tweets, our company, our apps, or just chat to us if you like the things we talk about.

We tweet, we’re open for business, and we’d value your input. Follow us for a bit eh? You and some people you know? In the words of Mrs Doyle, “Go on. Go on, go on. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.”

Here’s a link to ubiCabs’ page on twitter.

That's us, that is.

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