Live minicab quotes & bookings launched on iPhone!

Hello ubiCab fans!

Today is an exceptionally exciting day for us as our next version of the iPhone app has been approved and is now available for download! This means that you guys can now use the iPhone app to get actual quotes and book safe and trusted taxis without having to even place a call. We’ve been working hard to find trusted minicab companies all around London and having done so gives you access to companies that will provide you with safe and timely service when using ubiCabs to booking in central London. We currently are taking bookings in almost all of Zone 1 and a decent amount of Zone 2 all north of the river (South bank coming soon!)

So far we’re accepting bookings to

Here is some additional information on the features that are new with the iPhone app version 2.0:


As mentioned above, we have a new bookings tab:

Map: Moving the pointer on a map (below) to the pick spot of your choice, we even tell you what the address is!

You can also search for a known address through this map screen…

Contacts: You can pick an address from your contacts in your iPhone

Favourites: Once you’ve had a chance to save some addresses (see below), you can just pick an address with a click!

Once you’ve entered your to & from addresses, just select the pick up time and then click Estimate Price to get a quote

After you’ve done that, Click Book and once you’ve signed in, you’re done! Just sit back and wait for the confirmation.


Addresses: You can now save addresses as favourites, such as Home, Work or your favourite restaurant or bar so you won’t have to type them in the next time you want to book a ride to or from there.

Journeys: Make a lot of bookings that are regular? Now you’ll be able to save a journey, such as Home to Work, which will allow you to make a booking in a matter of seconds!


As safety and customer service are our focus, you will be able to rate a journey (and the cab company that provided it), to help us make sure we only work with the best companies!

Submit your favourite Cab company:

You can now submit your favourite local cab companies so that you don’t have to hassle with calling them every time you want a booking.

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