Marc Bromhall works with taxi companies

Ever wondered what it’s like to interview a ubiCabs staff member? No, us neither. We find ourselves doing it anyway though. The thinking is that if we tell you a little about what we do, then it will help you decide whether you like the ubiCabs service, make you look forward to booking a ubiCab and so forth. Let’s see shall we?

Right, off we go.

Today, ubiBlog is chatting with Partner Manager Marc Bromhall. Like Ernie Els, Marc is a South African person who is good at golf. What sets the two apart is Marc’s mastery of minicab liaison, a technique entirely lacking from Els’ golf bag.

ubiCabs: So, Marc, what exactly do you do?

Marc Bromhall: I’m a Service Partner Manager.

UBI: And what’s one of those?

MB: We (MB and friends) take care of quality standards with service partners (minicab companies), to make sure every ubiCabs customer has a great experience. At the same time, we’re talking to cab companies to make sure they are happy and getting the most out of the platform. I also have a role in customer service, answering questions from customers and helping their bookings go smoothly.

UBI: What’s a typical day then?

MB: Mainly dealing with customer queries, relationship management with suppliers, adding new taxi companies to the network and visiting suppliers out in the field. Being a start-up though, if it looks like I’m having a typical day someone will rope me into some scheme or other. It’s good fun.

UBI: How are you helping customers and suppliers?

MB: We try to look after everyone through the whole booking cycle. That means working with the taxi companies to get customers a good price and service when they book cabs. It also means helping cab companies get the sort of volume they’re looking for by showing them how to get the most out of the technology.

UBI: Where’s the best place to go for a ubiDrink?

MB: I’m partial to a trip to The Champion.

UBI: And finally, how is ubiCabs going to change the world?

MB: By staying at the front of the taxi app and distribution industry. We’ll become the digital enabler in the taxi and private hire industry.

Well, there you are then, you met a real life ubiCabber. Richer for the experience? I should say so. Thanks very much Mr Bromhall. There are some more ubiCabbers here, and we’ll invite someone else on the blog soon.

Happy ubiCabbing.

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