Mid-Summer ubiCabs Updates!

Isn’t Summer a Great Time to Be a Londoner?

Well, to be honest we feel that way about every season! Anyway, over here at ubiCabs we have been making the most of the sun (when it’s out), but we have also been quite productive! Aside from increasing our coverage areas, expanding our available cars to +1000 and managing the  rapid increase in our user bookings, we have also added some great new improvements to the apps. Read on for the details!

We are Growing!

We are continually expanding our live coverage areas as we have plans to cover the entire UK. As of now we have additional coverage in NW Zone 2 (Kilburn, Maida Vale, Chelsea, St. John’s Wood, Hampstead and Finchley Road).

New Features for Android!

Sorry iPhone Users! You got the “Get Me Home” button in our round of new features. This time Android users get the updates first- but fear not! Soon both versions of the app will have all updates.

  • Live Coverage Icon
    When you are in an area that we have live coverage you will see a small green circle hovering over the “Book Online” button:
  • If you click on the icon, you will be taken to a screen that gives you information about the companies in the area and whether they accept ASAP bookings or not.
  • New Menu Option
    Now when you click on the “Book Online” button, you are presented with a new and improved menu to select from:
  • Improved Search Function
    We have changed the search function so that it’s now even easier to use than before. When selecting a location, you are brought to the map screen just as before- except now you have the option to further edit the address on the same screen as the map. Before the app switched you to another screen so you could type address adjustments. See screenshots of the new version below:

See the little heart button next to the address? Click it and you can save this location to your list of favourite places, just like that!

  • Airports Now Listed in the App
    Now you do not need to locate an airport on the map or search is to select it as a desired location- if you click on the “Airports and Stations” bar on the improved menu (take another look at the fist screen shot!), you are presented with a list of airports to choose from. Rail stations coming soon to the list…

Coming Soon: In-App Credit Card and PayPal Payments!

The first ever ATM was installed in London in 1967. There are now around 1.5 million ATMs across the globe and according to Retail Banking Research Ltd., a new one is installed every 5-10 minutes. Impressive? Yes. But also puzzling, because rarely does one happen to conveniently find an ATM at the exact moment one needs it. Luckily, fewer and fewer things are requiring cash these days so we we are relying less and less on such serendipitous  ATM discoveries. Soon minicabs will be one of these “no-cash-necessary” conveniences… at least it will for ubiCabbers anyway! Users will have the option to either save their credit card details in the app or to complete transactions using PayPal.

Stay Tuned

Well, that wraps up our latest updates- but be sure to check back again soon so you are sure to keep up with our exciting progress!

-The ubiCabs Team

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