On a business trip? Why not relax while you’re at it?


So, you’re always travelling for business and things are getting a bit hectic. But hey, the next trip doesn’t mean that you’ll be working only. Here are some ideas to change a regular business trip into a more relaxing business break:

1. While you’re at at why not add a weekend to it?
While on a trip, try to add a free weekend before you leave. Too many business travellers fly to destinations up and down without ever seeing anything of the city or country. People who do spend more time, get an idea of ​​the culture, land, and the people. You show that you have understanding of the local market and knowledge of the people in the country. In addition, you also save money for the company through a weekend. A not very well known fact, but many airlines make flights cheaper for passengers who deliberately spend a Saturday night at the destination. They assume that tourists want to stay a weekend, while the business does not matter as they do not pay directly for the trip and will be back for the weekend. If this is the case for your next trip, stay a little longer!

2. Make sure that the most important work is done before you travel
Nothing worse than going on a journey knowing that there are still major deadlines that must be met. So always sort out your to-do list before starting your next business trip. Not only will you feel less guilty when you leave the airport, but when you come back, you start with a clean slate!
3. No work mail or phone calls
Although most airlines have recently relaxed the rules surrounding the use of electronic devices, is it really a good idea to be answering emails on a flight? Conventional knowledge would say no. However, where else but on board, do you have a legitimate excuse for not responding to emails and phone calls? Smart business travellers enjoy the tranquillity – so start today!

4. Read!
Travel is the perfect time to read and to recharge your batteries. It does not matter if you go into the glamorous world of celebrity gossip in a magazine or read the latest novel by Toni Morrison. As long as it’s not work-related, all is well.


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