You know you’re safe when you get in a car booked through ubiCabs

We’ve taken a rigorous approach to ensuring the companies we work with are the best and safest companies around London because your Safety is our priority. Every one of our partner companies are licensed with the Public Carriage Office (PCO) and are fully insured. In addition, they all guarantee an exceptional level of service to customers.

Our partners are fully licensed with the PCO, which means:

  1. Drivers have passed criminal record checks with the Criminal Records Bureau.
  2. Drivers have passed medical checks.
  3. Drivers hold valid EU driver’s licenses.
  4. All cars are less than 5 years old and checked for safety every 6 months.

Things you can do to further ensure your safety:

  1. NEVER try to hail a minicab – by law all private hire vehicles (PHVs/minicabs) must be booked in advance with a licensed company (through our App, over the phone, or via internet or email).
  2. Licensed companies are required to record and report all passenger complaints about drivers and lost property- so if you have any problems, be sure to call the company about it.
  3. Share rides with friends whenever possible – it’s safer and cheaper!
  4. Make sure the driver is the same person sent by the company before you get in the car: ubiCabs sends you an SMS with this information once your booking is accepted.
  5. Ask the driver for their PCO license number, they are required to have it on them at all times.
  6. Text the driver’s name, license plate and make & model of the car to a close friend.