128 Bit 3D Security means your booking stays safe

3D-Security image
All credit and debit card bookings via our app and website are protected by 3D security. This enhanced security measure has been set up by your bank to protect your online transactions when, for example, you’re buying food, tickets or booking a taxi / minicab online.
These safety measures are being required by more and more companies on the web to ensure that no one is able to make fraudulent payments using your card.

What does this mean for you?


When you have chosen your credit/debit card as your payment option you will be instantly redirected to your bank’s secure authentication page. Here you will be asked to enter several digits of a secure password you have set up with your bank.

After this your payment will be confirmed and your booking will go through. Easy!

secure authentication payment screen example

But, I don’t have a 3D secure password set up with my bank!


You will still be redirected to the secure page, and you will be prompted to set up a password. Once you have done this you will be able to continue with your booking, safe in the knowledge that your card is secure.