Top 5 ways to travel from London to Stansted Airport

Stansted airport is one of the closer airports to Central London, making it easy to find a range of ways to get there. Whether you’re looking for a cheap airport taxi, a swift bus service or a suitably connected train, you’ll find there are plenty of inexpensive and convenient solutions for getting to the airport if you are travelling from London. Here are some of the main modes of transport, and where you’ll be able to find them:

1. Take a bus to the airport

Many London buses include Stansted on their route, and whilst they may take longer than taking a taxi to Stansted Airport they are one of the most cost friendly solutions, particularly if you are an Oystercard holder. For parents travelling with children in buggies or wheelchair users, London buses are a great choice because the majority now have low floors making for easier access than coaches.

2. Travel by coach

National Express runs fast coaches into the airport from Victoria Street, Liverpool Street and Stratford. Unlike buses, these services run 24 hours a day and are certainly quicker than buses, although not as swift as a Stansted Airport taxi. As well as National Express, there are similar services on offer from Arriva and First, as well as a Terravision shuttle bus that departs every 30 minutes from Victoria and Liverpool Street.

3. Trains to the airport

The Stansted Express is a dedicated rail link to the airport, and runs every 15 minutes from Liverpool Street station. There is no direct tube link to Stansted, although you can use your Oystercard to get to Liverpool Street from any other London tube station. There is also a stopping service that runs once an hour from Liverpool Street to Stansted which, whilst it certainly takes much longer than a cheap airport taxi, does pick up at all the stations along the route, making it highly convenient if you are travelling from a location closer to the airport than Liverpool Street.

4. Find a taxi to Stansted Airport

Choosing a taxi can be a highly swift and convenient way to get to the airport, and if you manage to find a cheap airport taxi it can also be price competitive if there are several of you travelling. Forget lugging heavy bags on and off public transport, or having a long walk when you get there. By taking a taxi to Stansted airport you’ll be dropped at the door, with some companies even offering to help with your luggage.

Thanks to the new and innovative app services like ubiCabs, it’s easier than ever to find a cheap airport taxi to suit your needs. Using a simple smartphone app, you’ll be able to compare quotes from hundreds of Stansted Airport taxi services, and can even book your taxi to Stansted airport at the click of a button. If you are flying back to London and need to book a taxi from Stansted airport back into the city, ubiCabs can help you with this too.

5. Take your own car

Taking a car offers a convenient option, but with the cost of airport parking to consider, it can often work out more expensive than booking a taxi from Stansted airport to pick you up. As well as this, if you are not a regular London driver, you’ll also have to pay the congestion charge if you drive in the city, which is £8 per day, or a hefty fine if you forget.