Generate bookings revenue with the ubiCabs Affiliate Programme

The UK taxi industry is worth more than £5 billion annually. Join the ubiCabs Affiliate Programme and take your share.


Added Revenue

Make a commission on every taxi that is booked through your website.


Better service

Provide a better experience to your customers by allowing them to book taxis online.


Easy to get started

Sign up and start in no time at all, it’s as easy as pasting a line of code and can be done in minutes!

Easy implementation

What is ubiCabs?

  • A leading online and app taxi booking service
  • Active throughout the UK and its airports with more countries coming soon!
  • Sourcing cabs from a network of almost 4000 licensed, quality companies
  • Focused on improving online and app conversion rates and user experience for cab bookings


How can I work with ubiCabs?

  • Sign up and simply add links on your site
  • Choose from a wide range of sales collateral and images
  • Add specially created booking widgets to your site and convert sales directly
  • Add instant quote functionality to your site and increase conversion

Why will my partnership promoting ubiCabs succeed?

  • The UK taxi market is worth £5 billion, and ubiCabs is also expanding overseas.
  • Online taxi booking is increasing year on year.
  • Your leads will convert more often, as ubiCabs’ site converts customers at a rate significantly higher than most sectors.
  • You’ll have the sales tools you need, because ubiCabs provides you with banners and collateral.
  • Your customers can convert on your site, as ubiCabs provides booking widgets which allow your customers to book direct.

Get in contact to join the ubiCabs Affiliate Programme. You could be earning revenue from cab bookings straight away.


How should I use the ubiCabs logo and where can I find it?

  • When you sign up to work with ubiCabs as an affiliate, you gain access to a wide range of images and collateral design to maximise your revenue.
  • You can find information on ubiCabs’ logos, images and their correct use in our brand guidelines, which you can find here.