ubiCabs Blogging Marathon


Down here in the ubiLair we’ve been plotting. Basically we want the word out, and being start-up, we’ve got next to nothing to do it with cashwise. So we were thinking, and we’ve come up with an epic, start-upish plan to try and achieve some more traffic to the taxi website and to get the name out there a bit. ubiCabs. Just like that.

Anyway, what we’re planning is a blog writing mission. The good ship ubi is going to fire more blog broadsides than ever before as we bid to keep the bigger part of Britain in the loop. As we’re a little tight for time (did we mention we’re a start-up) this is going to be a pretty heavy undertaking, and every ubiCabber will have to do their part to produce the goods.

ubiCabs is aiming to produce a post per day for 60 days. That’s a fair amount for a team our size, and we’re looking forward to the challenge. This post is in fact number three of the sixty, as we started quietly a couple of days ago.

We would love a bit of audience participation to get us to our target, and there are a couple of ways that friends, readers and customers can lend us their aid. First, we’d love ideas for content. If you have a thought on ubiCabs, a comment on the London minicab scene, an idea for an event we could attend or even a splendid question, please let us know. It would absolutely make our day to hear it. The other thing that would really help is sharing and commenting. If you like something we did, don’t be shy, put it out there. Similarly, if we’re talking nonsense get us told. It seems a decent bet that during this blogging marathon ubiCabs will do a bit of both.

Anyway, must dash and check on the progress of the ‘monkey with a typewriter’ experiment we’re running to see about saving some time. Hope you enjoy the posts and that you find a moment to get involved sometime soon.

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