ubiCabs’ New Month Resolutions


Almost a month has passed since 2013 hit. As the first month of the new year has come to a close, undoubtedly some of those new year’s resolutions we always make fall by the wayside. So ubiCabs is proposing a new idea; New Month Resolutions. Think of all the things that you swore you would do right at the beginning of January and, now it’s all gone wrong, have a fresh start with the help of ubiCabs for February.

Taking it from the top, that most ubiquitous resolution, to eat healthier, mostly gets broken minutes after the ball drops. Why not get back on the diet track and treat yourself to a healthy meal at The Gate?

the gate: ubiCabs

Located in Hammersmith, The Gate offers fresh organic vegetarian fare that is good for your body and mind – your taste buds will be thanking you too.

Another well worn resolution is spending more time with the family. You told the kids that you would be spending more time with them. After the holidays work crept up too fast and you haven’t gotten to see much of them in January – and now that the Christmas season has passed all activities for children seem to have disappeared. No worries, there is still winter fun to be had by the whole family. You could take the kids to The Geffrye Museum for their arts and crafts workshops. In honour of the Chinese New Year the museum is hosting a lantern-making workshop on February 2nd.

kids at museum: ubiCabs

Book your London minicab today and spend the day making crafts with the kids. You’ll have a new piece of “art” for your living room. Lovely.

Was one of your resolutions to become more cultured? Ours wasn’t, we like pork scratching too much for any of that. Did you promise yourself you would take out the time and visit the plethora of museums and galleries in London? Didn’t we all? Again.

museum piece: ubiCabs

Ease your cultural conscience with a stop at the Wellcome Collection – currently featuring one of the more unusual exhibits in London; Wellcome is featuring Death: A Self Portrait. The exhibit features the private collection of Richard Harris, an antique collector who acquired more than 300 items relating to death – from rare Inca skulls, to pieces of art by Rembrandt and Goya. The exhibit is located right across the street from Euston station, is open every day except Monday and is free of charge.

Maybe you made a resolution that you would be more adventurous in 2013 and take more risks? Start this new month off with a daring dye job at Bleach in East London. The salon specializes in bright colours and the dip-dye hair trend made famous by hipsters such Alexa Chung. Take the risk, keep your resolution and go for the bright colours! Or if you’re East London resident, take the risk and turn your hair back to the colour it used to be.

hair dye salon bleach east london: ubiCabs

If the new hair colour isn’t enough to fulfil your need for adventure, you could give its close cousin bungee jumping a go. If that doesn’t fulfil your new resolution to take risks in 2013 nothing will, apart from maybe  backflipping off the London Bridge. Schedule a ride out to Extreme Element and freefall from 160 feet right at the O2 Arena. Experience an incredible view of the city and the Dome while getting your adrenal glands pumping

bungee jumping: ubiCabs

These are just some of the millions of things you can do to get your resolutions moving in the month of February. You find the place and we will taxi you there. And if you end up on the couch all month, you can always just reboot them for March. Now that’s the kind of resolution we can get behind.