Guess who I had in my London minicab…Part 1

Suggestions for ubiCabs London minicab drivers to try out on the suggestible.

Everyone knows a cab driver needs a collection of the finest stories with which to regale his clientele. True ones, obviously, are better, but these can be difficult to come by and, when you get down to it, who would know anyway? Since we’re being realistic about it then, in the name of giving customers a fine time and ubiCabs drivers an easy life, we’ve put together this list. ubiCabs suggests drivers use these as the basis of entertaining stories, embellishment is encouraged. We also ask that in the interests of not spoiling your own fun, anyone who is not a minicab driver stop reading…NOW. Thank you for your cooperation.

“You’ll never guess who was in my minicab, it was…”

  1. Tom Cruise. He wanted to go to a KFC drive-through in Kensal Green and he didn’t have a car.
  2. Jools Holland at 5am on New Years Day after that hooter-nanny thing he does.
  3. Russell Crowe, who I took to East Midlands Airport when he was filming Robin Hood.
  4. She wasn’t in my cab, but I once picked up a box of Chelsea buns for Celine Dion.
  5. It was me who took that Von Trapp family over the Alps in my Zafira. The singing did my head in.
  6. Labrinth filmed a music video in the back of my cab, I had to charge him the £30 cleaning fee.
  7. I brought Tom Hanks back from a rave. He kept saying he’d swap me an Oscar for my kebab, but he didn’t have it on him and I don’t trust Hollywood sorts, so I gave him half my chips for a Golden Globe.
  8. Every January transfer window I take the Ford Galaxy down to Heathrow and pick up a carload of lads for Harry Redknapp, who always pays cash.
  9. Lance Armstrong did a whole stage of the Tour de France in my cab.
  10. I took Pippa Middleton, 2000 copies of her new book and a spade up to Hampstead Heath.

That’s it for Part 1. London minicab drivers, let us know how you get on with your storytelling, we hope your passengers have a great time. ubiCabs users, if you’ve got any suggestions for tales you’d like to hear, just let us know in the comments section, on Facebook or on Twitter. Your suggestions for the suggestible could make Part 2. Happy cabbing.

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